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Rocky Ledge Swimming Association

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Frequently asked questions

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What are the 2018 pool hours?

What determines a weather closing?

The grounds are open at 10 am to 9 pm (6 pm on pre-season weekends) and the pool is open from 12 pm to dusk on weekdays, weekends and holidays.  See the  Hours/Rules section  

Please note that the pool manager may close the pool for weather situations or when warranted for health/safety reasons.  

The most current information regarding operations can be found on our Facebook page.  
​The pool manager is charged with following established NYS safety rules for outdoor pools.  Generally, if there is a sustained rain or wind event, the manager will use his/her discretion.  If there is thunder or lightning, the pool must be immediately closed at the first thunderclap and must remain closed for at least 30 minutes after the storm (lightning) has passed/ended.

Severe Weather Watches/Warnings: The pool will be closed whenever its location is included within a National Weather Service issued Severe Weather “Watch” or “Warning” for tornado, hurricane, or flood. 

The most current information regarding operations can be found on our Facebook page.  

I lost my Member card.  Can I get a new one?                         

Do we have to pay for our baby?

Yes, it is a $25 fee per card.  Email for further instruction on replacing your card(s).                       
No, children under 2 are free; they are not considered Junior Members when completing the dues application.   If they turn 2 by the opening day of the season, then they are no longer free and must be accounted for when paying dues. 

Can we leave our chairs at the pool behind the

My kids and I are Members and my sister/mom/friend who are not Members sometimes babysits.  Can they bring the kids to the pool?

No, we ask that you no longer do this as it causes too much clutter and we are unable to clean communial areas properly.  Belongings can no longer be left behind the snack bar.
Yes, a non-Member babysitter can bring children who are Members to the pool just as long as 1) the babysitter is over 18, 2) the babysitter pays the applicable guest fee and 3) the babysitter has the children's Member cards and presents them at the gatehouse.  

Can my children go into the Kiddie Pool alone?

Can we drop off children at the pool?

No, children in the Kiddie Pool must be supervised by a parent or guardian over 16 years of age, who MUST remain with the child while they are in the pool area at all times.  Please note that there is no lifeguard in the Kiddie Pool area, as every child is being watched by a parent/guardian already.   
No, children 16 and under must be supervised by an adult (at least 18 years of age) at all times.   

Can we eat, drink or smoke on the pool deck?

Can't I have a single membership?  I'm not married and I don't have kids. 

No, our health and safety regulations forbid any eating, drinking and smoking on any pool deck.     
At this time, Rocky Ledge is not offering seasonal single memberships to individuals who do not meet the age requirements for a senior single membership.  We do offer a monthly single membership to non-seniors where you can join for your choice of June, July or August.    See our Membership section for rates and details.